Summary of the BoatWasher Hull Cleaning System (Green Antifouling)


Dear friend of oceans, lakes and the life on board.

You do not need toxic anti-fouling paint anymore
Instead you clean your hull with brushes while the boat is in the
water. It is effective, fast and cleans the hull on both sail and power
boats and makes boating more environmentally friendly, more
convenient and cheaper.
A. Stops 100% of toxic leakage from a boats anti-fouling paint
During April-May every year Swedish boat owners uses about 500 000 kg of toxic antifouling. How much is used in the rest of the world we don´t know yet. This bottom paint is leaking toxins harmful to plants, animals and humans and it is a great source of added copper and other metals in the oceans, lakes and ship yards.

The method of hull cleaning is very environmentally friendly because boat owners stop painting their hull. Instead they clean their hull by regularly visiting a boat wash station.

Through this method boat owners can immediately end 95% of toxic leakage from their hulls, in three years, 100%, forever!


B. Comfortable and Cheap
The boat owners do not need to buy anti-fouling paint nor do they need to clean the boat from algae, barnacles and other fouling that ineffective paints has not stopped. Instead of hours of painting and cleaning,  it takes only approx. 15 minutes to clean the hull in the boat washer. It costs about 50 Euro to wash a seven meter boat once.


C. About the Company

Boatwasher Sweden AB provides a comprehensive concept for mechanical cleaning of boat hulls to replace the use of toxic antifouling paints.

The concept consists of three parts:

  1. A method that makes boating more environmentally friendly, more convenient and less expensive for boat owners, yacht clubs, shipyards and marinas thanks to that the boat owner can stop using toxic antifouling paint.
  2. A boat washing machine, efficient and easy to handle, for sail- and motor boats up to about 20 meters in length. Adaptable for different ports/jetties.
  3. A concept for sales, marketing and operations of a boat washer station (minimizes work for the owner / operator).


One of BoatWasher:s goals is to strongly contribute to the building of a network of boat washers along coastlines and in lakes so that boat owners may end using bottom paint and thus get a more comfortable boating and prevent the spread of toxic paints in the sea and lakes.


Thank you for spending your time reading this.

Kind Regards
/Odd Klofsten 🙂